Welcome to the Ohio State Triathlon Club!

Come join us for one of our practices!

  • Monday (7:50PM): Swim - RPAC Class Pool
  • Tuesday (6:00PM): Run - RPAC Patio
  • Wednesday (7:50PM): Swim - RPAC Class Pool
  • Thursday (6:00PM) Run - RPAC Patio
  • Friday (6:00PM) Ride - Race Penguin
  • Saturday (10:00AM) Run - RPAC Patio
  • Sunday (10:00AM): Ride - Race Penguin

Indoor Race:

Race and Volunteer Registration has officially opened for our annual indoor triathlon.
When: Sunday, February 8th, 2020 at 10:00 AM
Where: The RPAC at Ohio State
Why: What's better than coming out and testing your abilities against Midwest's finest collegiate triathletes or just giving it a go and having some fun? Nothing, so come out and join us.

Who are we?

  The Ohio State Triathlon Club aims to establish a friendly and competitive environment for undergraduate and graduate students training for triathlons of all distances. We like to foster an environment that will encourage a lifestyle of physical fitness, proper nutrition, and lifelong athletes. In this club we help beginners finish their first triathlons while challenging experienced triathletes to become more competitive on the local, regional, and national levels. This is done through a very dedicated coaching staff and friendly training environment suited for all levels.