Meet the 2014-2015 Tribuck Officers!


Beth “Lizard” Cymanski

Position: President
Major: Engineering Physics
Expected Graduation: 2016
Hometown: Hiram, OH
Sports Background: Cross Country, Track, and Swimming in high school.  Both parents are ironman so triathlon was the next logical thing
Favorite Post Workout Food: Pancakes!
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Anything involving a hot tub
Worst Triathlon Experience: Missed the flight to Austin, stuck in Atlanta overnight with a bike box, lost a tire skewer somewhere along the way, an unexpectedly cold race morning and two flat tires
Hidden Talent: Knows all the countries and a lot of prime numbers
Other Hobbies: Watching Netflix, Geocaching, and Learning things


Natalie Ruscello

Position:  Vice President
Major: Health Science with a Spanish Minor
Expected Graduation: 2016
Hometown: Springboro, OH
Sports Background: Was a marching band kid in high school until one magical day when she and her dad took up biking and soon after ran their first 5k.  Once she got to college there was no way she could turn down the group of screaming maniacs that was the tri club at the involvement fair.
Best thing about OSU: Football games…and the tri club
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Collegiate Nationals 2014.  Not only did she have a great first Olympic race but also traveled to the Grand Canyon in a van of her favorite people and cliff jumped into Strawberry Reservoir.  One of the best weekends of her life.
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Showed up to her first bike practice with a water bottle duct taped to her bike frame.  Seems like a great idea until you actually need a drink
Hidden Talents: Tripping on items that don’t exist and talking about Chipotle
Other Hobbies: Cooking, playing guitar, singing, and reading


Cody Allison

Position: Apparel Director and Nationals Coordinator
Major: M.S. Civil Engineering
Expected Graduation: Hopefully never.
Hometown: Burgoon, OH
Sports Background: Football, wrestling, pole vault. Was looking for the cycling team but found the triathlon team instead.
Favorite Sport: Biking
Favorite Post Workout Food: Sweet and Sour Chicken
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Greg VanAmerongen’s short shorts on Spring Break 2012
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Leaving pedals on his road bike only to notice his tri bike had no pedals when setting up transition (he wasn’t a rookie at this point)
Other Hobbies: Cars and adventuring!


Paul dHyver de las Deses

Position:  Treasurer
Major: Integrated Business and Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Mexico City
Sports Background: Track Runner
Favorite Post Workout Food: RPAC Smoothie
Best thing about Ohio State: The people he’s met
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Going skiing 4 weeks before nationals and separating his AC joint
Hidden Talents: Join the club to find out
Other Hobbies: Traveling, trying new foods, experiencing new cultures and meeting different people


Mark Schenberger

Position:  Running Coordinator, Co-Race Director
Major: Marketing with a Geography minor
Expected Graduation: 2015
Hometown: Berlin, NJ
Sports Background: Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track, Gym Class Superstar.  After his senior year of track ended, he decided to take his decent running abilities, non-existent swim skill and hybrid bike and kick some ass in triathlon.
Favorite Post Workout Food: Pasta, Bread
Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Riding the Blue Ridge Parkway and the 2014 Spring Break trip in general
Worst Triathlon Experience: Nationals 2012 in Tuscaloosa. Had no wetsuit and was poorly prepared for a 65 degree swim.  Took a 5+ minute T1, crashed and chain popped off on the bike.  Rode too hard after that to make up time and blew up on the run
Hidden Talents: Can walk pretty fast. Nobody pours a bowl of cereal like Mark


Madi Collins

Position: Social Chair
Major: Exercise Science
Expected Graduation: 2016
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Sports Background: Varisty swimming, skiing, and track in high school.  Joined the tri club because she realized life was way too boring without competitive sports
Favorite Post Workout Food: Fruit Smoothie with a scoop of protein!
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Going to nationals in Tempe, AZ for the first time
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Failing every attempt at a flying mount at nationals in front of everyone
Hidden Talent: Can do a mean impression of a cat’s meow
Other Hobbies: Boxing and ukulele


Noah Jordan

Position:  Sponsor Coordinator
Major: Neuroscience, Pre-med
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Sports Background: Started triathlons when he was 15 because a friend wanted to race him
Favorite Post Workout Food: Chocolate Milk
Best thing about Ohio State: The atmosphere
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Hocking Hills Cabin Trip
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Not having enough water at Nationals on the bike
Other Hobbies: Anything outdoors


Adam Hipp

Position:  Secretary
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2015
Hometown: Tipp City, OH
Sports Background: High School golf and tennis.  Still unsure how he got into triathlon
Favorite Post Workout Food: Anything within arm’s reach
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Winning the Spirit Award at Nationals 2012
Best thing about Ohio State: The number of things to do
Worst Triathlon Experience: Rockford Triathlon – Rough swim and rainy all day.  Got rear ended 6 hours from home
Other Hobbies: Disc Golf and all things cycling related


Cory Lien

Position: Risk Manager
Major: Electrical Engineer
Expected Graduation: 2016
Hometown: West Chester, OH
Sports Background: XC, Swimming, Crew. Did a few triathlons when younger and loved the challenge
Favorite Post Workout Food: Chocolate Milk
Favorite Tribuck Memory: NYC Marathon Volunteering Trip
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Taking a turn too aggressively on a wet road during his first triathlon and crashing
Other Hobbies: Finding out how things are made and food consumption (see picture above)
Interesting Fact: Is an Eagle Scout


Matt Casturo

Position: Philanthropy Director
Major: Exercise Science
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Sports Background: Soccer and Cross Country.  Came to a triathlon practice and decided to stick with it!
Best thing about OSU: Rec facilities!
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Salmon with brown rice, chocolate milk, and a fruit smoothie
Worst Triathlon Experience: First open water swim (lots of backstroke)
Hidden Talent: Juggling
Other Hobbies: Volunteering! Heavy equipment operation, golf, bowling


Christian Heller

Position:  Co-Race Director
Major: Civil Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2016
Hometown: North Canton, OH
Sports Background: Soccer.  Always thought triathlon was a cool sport and decided to give it a try
Favorite Post Workout Food: Yogurt and Granola
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Going to Hounddog’s on Friday nights
Best thing about Ohio State: Being a Buckeye
Hidden Talents: Can solve a Rubik’s Cube
Other Hobbies: Playing guitar


Matt Mohnacky

Position: Intercollegiate Relations
Major: Sports Industry
Expected Graduation: 2015
Hometown: North Royalton, OH
Sports Background: Surface Swimmer in the Coast Guard
Best thing about OSU: The Triathlon Club!
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Swimming in the Competition Pool
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Chipotle
Worst Triathlon Experience: Getting sick at Nationals
Other Hobbies: Fishing