Meet the 2016-2017 Tribuck Officers!


Connor Divens


Position: President
Major: Respiratory Therapy
Expected Graduation: 2018
Hometown: Howland, OH
Sports Background: Played soccer in high school.   Followed his dad’s footsteps and tried out triathlon
Best thing about OSU: The Tribucks
Favorite Tribuck Memory: 2015 Nationals in Clemson
Worst Triathlon Experience: Being pulled out of the water due to hypothermia
Hidden Talent: Master Chef



Madi Collins


Position: Vice President
Major: Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Exercise Science
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Sports Background: Varisty swimming, skiing, and track in high school.  Joined the tri club because she realized life was way too boring without competitive sports
Favorite Post Workout Food: Fruit Smoothie with a scoop of protein!
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Going to nationals in Tempe, AZ for the first time
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Failing every attempt at a flying mount at nationals in front of everyone
Hidden Talent: Can do a mean impression of a cat’s meow
Other Hobbies: Boxing and ukulele



Duncan Lamar


Position: Treasurer
Major: Exercise Science
Expected Graduation: 2018
Hometown: West Chester, OH
Sports Background: Volleyball, marching band, and swimming. Was looking to do triathlons in high school but never found the time. When he saw the club at the involvement he had to give it try then everything about it sucked him in.
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Breakfast foods. Anything in large quantities
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Spring Break 2015
Worst Triathlon Experience: Missed the turn for the second bike lap at nationals and ended up 5 minutes towards the transition area before realizing it.
Other Hobbies: Camping, hiking, canoeing, playing drums and piano, riding motorcycles.



Judith Straathof


Position: Secretary
Major: Earth Sciences
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Washington C.H.
Sports Background: Soccer and swimming
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Anything
Favorite Tribuck Memory: All the amazing people you meet
Worst Triathlon Experience: No bad experiences so far!
Hidden Talent: I can lick my elbow
Other Hobbies: Reading, hiking, and doing anything outside


Mitchell Steindler


Position: Co-Social Chair
Major: Chemical Engineering
Expected Graduation: SP16
Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Sports Background: Gymnastics, baseball, running
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Bell Peppers
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Riding to Tennessee with Yaser Helal and Eric Westhaus
Worst Triathlon Experience: Almost 9 minute miles at the 2015 alum Creek olympic tri
Hidden Talent: Trumpet player extraordinaire
Other Hobbies: Hiking, watching movies, sleeping


Kalia Cobb


Position: Co-Social Chair
Major: Special Education
Expected Graduation: 2018
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Sports Background: My dad got me into doing triathlons when I was 7 years old and have been doing them ever since. I was on a swim team in middle school. I did track and field and cross country in middle school and high school.
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Tropical Green smoothie with whey protein from Juice 2 in the RPAC
Best thing about OSU: All the opportunities that OSU has to offer and the people.
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Spring Break
Worst Triathlon Experience: Getting a Charlie horse in my calf muscle half way through the swim and having to kick with one leg during age group nationals.
Hidden Talent: I can lick my elbow
Other Hobbies: Reading, hiking, traveling, rock climbing, and Netflix



Kyle Deistler


Position: Co-Race Director
Major: Biomedical Science
Expected Graduation: 2019
Hometown: Lewis Center, OH
Sports Background: 14 years as a competitive swimmer 6 as a competitive runner and 4 years as a triathlete
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Definitely grilled chicken
Best thing about OSU: The awesome people and the wide variety of things to get involved in
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Post-swim hot tub
Worst Triathlon Experience: thinking it was a good idea to do an entire triathlon in only a hot pink flower covered speedo
Hidden Talent: looking really good while doing an entire triathlon in a hot pink flower covered speedo
Other Hobbies: Netflix, reading, and exploring new places!



Patrick Sweetman


Position: Co-Race Director and Webmaster
Major: Computer Science Engineering
Expected Graduation: Probably Fall 2019 #5thYear
Hometown: Lebanon, Ohio
Sports Background: Soccer, Track, Cross Country, Swimming, ran a couple marathons too
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Literally all of the food
Best thing about OSU: Unlimited meal plan
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Constellation finding during Spring Break
Hidden Talent: Can play the Super Mario theme song on my throat
Other Hobbies: Camping, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering



Noah Jordan

Position:  Sponsor Coordinator
Major: Neuroscience, Pre-med
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Sports Background: Started triathlons when he was 15 because a friend wanted to race him
Favorite Post Workout Food: Chocolate Milk
Best thing about Ohio State: The atmosphere
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Hocking Hills Cabin Trip
Biggest Rookie Mistake: Not having enough water at Nationals on the bike
Other Hobbies: Anything outdoors


Maria DiMeo



Position:Risk Manager
Major: Nursing
Expected Graduation: 2018
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Best thing about OSU:The triathlon team ….. duh
Favorite Tribuck Memory:Spring Break
Favorite Post Workout  Food: Fruit Smoothie
Hidden Talent: Sassiness
Other Hobbies: Reading and Netflix


Eric Westhaus



Position: Intercollegiate Relations
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2018
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Sports Background: XC and track in high school
Favorite Post Workout  Food: KCom breakfast
Best thing about OSU: It’s so big
Favorite Tribuck Memory: Weekend bike rides
Worst Triathlon Experience: Throwing up in races…yes that’s plural
Hidden Talent: Hurting myself doing dumb stuff on bikes, sitting in cold water
Other Hobbies: Backpacking, eating ice cream


Rhema Nicoll

Position:Philanthropy Chair
Major: Animal Science/Pre-PT
Expected Graduation: 2017
Hometown: Vermilion, OH
Sports Background: soccer all of my life, track and cross country in middle school and high school, hockey, skiing, roller blading, and rock climbing!
Favorite Post Workout  Food: PEANUT BUTTER and bananas…but mostly just anything with peanut butter
Best thing about OSU: I love all the people and variety of thing you can do! I swear, there’s always something new and exciting you can get yourself into here. I particularly love our rock wall…but, of course, Triathlon Club makes the top of the list!
Favorite Tribuck Memory:Spring Break training ♥
Hidden Talent: Before my first Olympic Triathlon, I was so incredibly nervous. I hadn’t swam in 3 months and everyone around me looked so intimidating – I was certain I was going to get last. I kept building my nerves and eventually start time was approaching. As soon as I hit the water, I started to panic. It was so awful, every life guard I passed stopped me to ask if I was okay – I can only imagine what I looked like!! Needless to say, halfway through I calmed down and had a blast with the rest of the race! 🙂
Hidden Talent: Drawing
Other Hobbies:Rock climbing, hiking, traveling, and going to local coffee shops!